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About Us

We're a Glasgow based charity that was established in 2022. We're run by volunteers who all have a passion to help young people. Our days out give young people a chance to make friends and socialise with peers.  


Throughout the course of our excursion there will be a focus on physical development. This will include tailored indoor and outdoor activity aimed at strengthening self-confidence, developing social awareness and having fun.



We will help young people develop a positive outlook on life, building social and emotional competencies. We aim to promote the fundamentals of wellbeing – healthy, safe, active, responsible, nurtured, respected and included.

Respite Care

For those with additional support requirements we fully assess needs and cater the holiday to the specifics of the individual. We believe that diverse ability groups in a safe inclusive environment provides an outstanding experience for all participants.



Create an environment full of fun and joy where young people can have a life changing experience. Returning home with new skills, enhanced confidence, with friendships and memories to last a lifetime.

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